Getting Started

Piano lessons Berlin, MD

How Does It Work?

First you need to decide if lessons in the studio are practical for you. This can be influenced by many things such as costs, amount of time you have to spend on your music, ability to get yourself (or you child) to the studio, location, and many other personal situations.


The Traditional Method

The traditional method is tried and true. You travel to our studio once a week, at your assigned time and have your lesson with your teacher in a one-on- one environment. Your teacher reviews your progress from your previous lesson and gives instruction on new material and on new practice assignments. You then practice daily working on your assignment. Most of our teachers are able to substitute the Video Technology Method should a week arise that you are unable to get to the studio (your lesson time would remain the same).


Video Technology Method

This method works much the same way as the traditional method with the exception that you don’t need to leave your home. At your assigned lesson time your instructor will contact you via Facetime, Goggle Duo or Skype. This method has proven to provide more instructional time in each lesson because no time is lost getting seated in our studio and getting your books set up and opened to the correct page and most of our video connection student have already warmed up prior to the lesson. Your lesson is still in the same one-on- one format with your teacher.

For either of these methods, just fill out one of the contact forms on any page of this website and Mike or Shannon will contact you back with all of the answers that you need. Oh, and technical assistance is provided to get you up and running so that tech issues don’t take up your lesson time. Piano Lessons

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