Earliest memory about music

What’s your earliest memory about music? Do you remember a special lullaby your mom sang to you? How about a tune your music box or toy played when you wound the key? Some of our earliest memories revolve around music – certain people, places, foods, seasons, etc., are tied in our memories to a song! It’ s a powerful tool to unlocking some of our oldest remembrances. And sometimes those events are significant enough to alter our pathway through life!

As a toddler, I was given a toy piano for Christmas. It is (I still have it!) wooden with a little bench to match, and had plastic keys that made a “clickey-click” sound along with the music note when you played it. Anyone else have one of those? I named mine “La La” and I loved it! I remember playing and playing, singing along, making up songs and pretending to sing familiar tunes. As I got a little older, my attention switched from my little piano to my new love, ballet lessons. I loved everything about ballet: the leotard and tights, the ballet slippers, the beautiful room with the barre and mirror, and especially, my teacher Miss Joan. She was wonderful and beautiful, and she loved six-year-old-me. But after two years of lessons and recitals, Miss Joan decided to move her studio to a larger town, and my parents were unable to take me that far for lessons. I was devastated and bored.

My birthday is in September. The year I turned 8 my parents told me one September Saturday morning that we were going to an estate auction – a common occurrance for our family. This house was in town, not one of the farm auctions we most often went to. We entered the front door and stepped into the living room, and my attention went directly to the most beautiful thing I had ever seen – a large, ornately carved, upright piano. It was HUGE! It had real ebony and ivory keys which sounded terribly out of tune, but I didn’t care! Can I have it for my birthday present, Daddy, PLEEEEZE? And so it began…..

I’d love to hear some of your favorite first music memories, and even how they may have contributed to who you grew to be.

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